The SekurPay-GPS (SU505L) payment protection solution is a flexible, legal payment protection solution that uses telematics technology to turn credit challenged prospects into paying customers.Sekurpay® reminds the vehicle operator when payments are due or it will disable the vehicle if the loan or /leasing payments are not made Sekurpay®.

Sekurus delivers:-

SekurPay-GPS (SU505L) is the most economical and powerful Payment Protection Solution and stand-alone mobile tracking device available today using telematics technology.Telematics is the blending of computers and wireless telecommunications technologies, ostensibly with the goal of efficiently conveying information over vast networks to improve a host of business functions. Utilising GSM/GPRS, TCP & UDP IP and CSD communication together with GPS technology, SekurPay-GPS (SU505L) provides comprehensive payment protection and asset security facilities to the loan financer.

The SekurPay-GPS (SU505L) units are installed into loaned vehicles for the term of theloan period.Our product offers a flexible Payment Protection Solution to Finance Institutions thatallows payments to be scheduled for any day or allows changes to payments.The solution allows the loan financer to locate and recover the vehicle in the event of delinquency and theft thus ensuring that asset security is maintained.


The SekurPay-GPS (SU505L) system will inform the customer that they are in good standing or whether they need to make a payment. If the customer is current with their payments the user will receive an audio visual alert confirming that their payments are up to date. When a payment is due a reminder will alert the customer that a payment is due with in three days in which he will be reminded that a payment must be made.

Its asset protection systems secure the multi-million inventories of automotive dealerships for dealers, their insurance companies and their floor planning financial institutions. Consumers use Sekurus anti-theft devices to secure their second largest family investment after their homes—their cars.

Sekurus vehicle immobilization devices currently protect about $3 billion of dealer inventories plus another $4.1 billion of consumer-owned vehicles, while its payment protection systems secure an estimated $1.2 billion of auto loans for auto dealers, finance companies and credit unions.

Sekurus is committed to delivering differentiated value to customers and partners through its unique product and service offerings, while closely mapping products and solutions to its customers’ needs and priorities-such as asset securitization, productivity, cost savings and return on investment.

Relied on the technological background of Erad, Sekurus has been actively developing asset management businesses by renovating loan portfolios and other social asset through market levers. The company is mainly involved in asset and equity transaction, asset management, fleet management, creative industries, financial investment and other related businesses, and has a professional platform for asset management and capitalization. The company emphasizes on building a team of talents, and has a group of professional, high-quality team members.


  • Banks and Financial Institutions.
  • Auto Dealers.
  • Fleet management operators and service providers.
  • Security service providers.
  • Leading providers of complementary software.
  • Integrators and turn-key solutions providers.

Sekurus™ is now building its service brand industries through its innovating idea, trying great efforts to create innovative asset management and industrial chain. We warmly welcome friends from all over the world to join hands with us to embrace a more brilliant future.

  • Simplifies the management of contracts.
  • No “catch up codes” required.
  • Handle Bankruptcy cases.
  • Handle changing consumer credit laws.
  • Enable banks to provision and control units.
  • Simplifies pre-installation.
  • Reduce support requirements.

SekurPay® Finance Solutions allow the company to accept partial payments and release codes for proportionate periods. Thus in cases where a client wishes to pay half of the scheduled installment it is possible to release a code which would enable the vehicle for half of the payment cycle.SekurPay® Finance Solutions makes it possible to change a number of contract parameters without reprogramming the device. It also facilitates the extension of an existing contract or creation of a sub contract without reprogramming the device, thus eliminating the need for additional codes.

SekurPay® Finance Solutions allows changes to the following without reprogramming:-

1-Number of installments.
2-Installment date.
3-Amount of Installment.


Providing a wide range of solutions, Sekurus International SekurPay® Finance Solutions address several of the industries most recognized needs. Link – PRODUCTS (Read more about our SekurPay® range here).

SekurPay® can change its behavior based on special numeric instructions, called “Change Mode Commands”, thus eliminating the need to reprogram for changing basic parameters.

Change mode commands can be used to alter the following:-

1-GMT Offset.
2-Grace days.
3-Code length.
4-Shut-off time.

Main Financial Gains:

  • Possible lower down payments.
  • More approved loans.
  • Possible longer terms.
  • Lower monthly payment and the potential offer of higher quality vehicles.
  • Lower delinquencies.
  • Frees more cash for capital purchases.
  • Drastically reduces stolen vehicles.
  • Increases sales at all levels.
  • Considerable lower interest loans when applicable.
  • Dramatically reduces 1st payment defaults.
  • Reduces write offs.
  • Drastically reduces repossessions & increase redemption s.
  • Improves cash flow.
  • Reduces collection efforts.
  • Easier Management of collections.
  • Attracts higher quality sales people
  • Increases Customer Retention.
  • Potentially helps customers repair their credit.
  • Increases referrals.
  • Reduces advertising expenditures.
  • Enhances name recognition.

Finance organizations can make use of the Sekurus International SekurPay® Finance Solutions functionality in a wide range of ways including the following:

SekurPay® application has the optional ability to remotely turn the engine on or off. This feature can be automated with a set time and date or activated by the organization via the SekurPay® application in the event of delinquency or vehicle theft thus facilitating vehicle recovery via the location facility.

SekurPay® offers a roadside assistance facility to be initiated when a customer has an accident or some other type of breakdown with their vehicle, the service provider sends a tow truck or repair shop vehicle, according to the case, from its network suppliers to the place of the incident. SekurPay® will send the alert to the service provider who will locate the vehicle and communicate directly with the customer in order to identify the nature of the required assistance.

It can be contracted by the Financiers Insurance department or external Insurance companies.SekurPay® offers the financing company the opportunity to negotiate lower vehicle insurance premiums on the loaned vehicle. This is due to the loan underwriting requirements possibly being reduced as the loan is more comprehensively secure both in terms of payments and as a physical asset that can be located and recovered in the event of payment delinquency.SekurPay®-GPS (SU505L) immediately transmits a real SekurPay®-GPS (SU505L) immediately transmits a real time alert to the control center application where the vehicle’s security system input is activated via Dallas key, keyboard or remote controller. Such security monitoring protects the financier\’s asset throughout the loan period thus allowing underwriting to be reduced.

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