Connected Security — from security panels to secure assets, digital surveillance, and high-speed full motion video, Sekurus delivers exceptional connectivity with the industry’s leading high performance communications platforms. Enabling real-time data for security applications including alarm panels, intelligent locks, asset monitoring devices and the latest in high-speed video capture and transmission,

Sekurus delivers:-

With simple integrated devices and a host of embedded platforms, Sekurus is empowering companies of all sizes with resilient, high-speed, scalable, and reliable end-point security and asset monitoring connectivity solutions. Driven by the Sekurus Services Architecture, Sekurus delivers a flexible, modular architecture for fast wireless connectivity and solutions deployment.

Security Monitoring and Surveillance systems have been transformed with the Sekurus family of intelligent devices; Sekurus embedded platforms and asset tag family, and the Sekurus Telemetry devices purpose-built for the time-sensitive data needed in the security and asset monitoring markets.

Mission-critical infrastructures can be efficiently managed and high-value assets can be located and leveraged using real-time location services. Sekurus and its strategic partners deliver the data for better decision-making, improving performance safety and security for your treasured assets. Coupled with the robust Sekurus’s Communications and Management platform, devices can be provisioned, monitored and reconfigured remotely, most anywhere in the world.

Connected Security: providing you vision — Anywhere, Anytime.

Sekurus Partner Program is designed to help our partners be successful in three specific areas:

Forging a network of business partners isn’t always easy. Becoming Sekurus™ Partner easily helps you expand business opportunities through enhanced partner-to-partner connections as you build relationships with other Asset Management partners.

The Evaluation Kits was designed to facilitate the initial appraisal and testing process of the SEKURPAY®, SEKURPAY® and SekurTrack® units, without requiring the connection to an actual vehicle at the first stage. The kit contains a complete set of articles devised to simplify bench testing of the system as well as act as a demonstration platform for people wishing to understand the operational aspects of the end unit. It is also intended to facilitate the development of interfaces to the systems by integrators. The kit also includes the hardware and software required for full in-vehicle installation.

from asset tracking to Real Time Location Services (RTLS), Emergency service, monitoring, telemetry and more; reliable communication solutions with these applications are more than essential, they can often be life-critical.

Whether it’s monitoring an asset’s condition or locating and redeploying a services team or other mobile device, utilizing a robust, reliable technology platform helps you enhance the quality of care delivery.Sekurus-based solutions provide the path for critical data transmission empowering today’s leading Emergency services,

delivering connected care — most Anywhere, Anytime.

Intelligent end-point devices and embedded communications platforms ensure fast reliable connectivity throughout the global infrastructure, delivering the time and operational-sensitive data for critical care delivery. Utilizing the world’s IP backbone, Sekurus’s distributed architecture places more intelligence in the end device, helping to reduce costs through the careful management of communications and airtime, delivering the data for better decision-making, and improving your operational performance throughout the Emergency and care environment.

Coupled with the robust Sekurus Communications and Management platform, the Sekurus Integrated and embedded intelligent devices can be provisioned, monitored and reconfigured remotely, most anywhere in the world. In order to see the evaluation kits prices and purchase them, you need to be a club member and/or a Partner. Sign in and make your order in our evaluation kit shop.

Sekurus Competencies will help you define your level of expertise in a range of solution areas that clearly map to our mutual customers’ needs. Sekurus™ will make it easier for you to position you’re Asset Management -based capabilities to customers looking for a specific solution.

OSekurus™ allows your organization access to a diverse array of exclusive benefits. From a unique Competency brand to a dedicated online ResourceCenter providing premier content and tools, these targeted benefits support your core business focus and help you improve your market impact and reach.

In a competitive world it is vital to separate yourself from the pack. Differentiate your business by demonstrating your proven experience. Sekurus™ gives you the opportunity to showcase your advanced skills to customers while providing your organization much-needed visibility in a crowded marketplace.

There is an opportunity for the Service Providers to negotiate favorable rates for bulk GPRS/SMS and resell it to their clients. The software can be modified to track the usage and the number of SMS messages sent by each user and bill each customer accordingly.

Clients can subscribe to their own SMS service and pay the SMS provider directly. In this case, the client is billed for SMS only when the system is used in the ‘ON Demand’ SMS mode and the vehicle is polled by the Control Station. In this case, the number of SMS’s used are recorded and the client can be billed accordingly.

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