Personal Safety Solution

SekurTrack®’s Vehicle Protection & Personal Safety System provides vehicle owners with the ability to locate and track their vehicle any time, and the capacity to monitor driving behavior – An ideal product for families with teen drivers. With SekurTrack® vehicle owners can secure the safety of their vehicle and protect young and inexperienced drivers.

How it works?

GPS Tracking System uses the latest GPS and cellular technology to provide real-time vehicle tracking and monitoring data. GPS satellites send location and monitoring data to the vehicle-installed SekurTrack® hardware.

hardware combines location information with vehicle data such as location and speed. The data is then sent over a national wireless network to the SekurTrack® operations center.

For SekurTrack®’s Personal Safety Solutions, the data is always available directly to the vehicle owner via the internet. Authorized users on the account have 24/7 access to the vehicle’s location and multiple monitoring and reporting functions.

SekurTrack®’s Personal Safety Solutions offers vehicle owners the ability to:
  • Remotely unlock the door if keys have been locked inside
  • Pre-set speed limits and geographic boundaries (‘safety zones’) for teen drivers
  • Receive alerts via email or text message if pre-set speed limits and boundaries are exceeded
  • Pinpoint a parked vehicle’s location in the event that the driver cannot find their car
  • Track and pinpoint the exact location of the vehicle in real time via the internet


Personal Safety Solutions Features
  • If your teen driver is lost you can locate your vehicle in real time and give directions by phone to come home safely. Worried when kids don’t come home on time? You can locate your vehicle via the internet and make sure that they are safe.
  • Pre-set safety zones (bordered geographical areas) where you feel comfortable letting your teen drive. Areas may include your neighborhood, the route to school, the closest mall or to and from the homes of friends and family. If the vehicle exits an activated safety zone you’ll receive an email or text message alert.
  • Pre-Set Speed Limits: PRE-SET SPEED LIMITS FOR YOUR TEEN DRIVER : If the driver exceeds your pre-set speed limit, you’ll receive an email or text message alert.
  • Locate & Recover Stolen Vehicles: LOCATE & RECOVER LOST OR STOLEN VEHICLES IN REAL TIME VIA THE INTERNET With SekurTrack® you can locate and track a lost or stolen vehicle and give police your vehicle’s exact coordinates so that it can be recovered.
  • Remotely Unlock Doors: HELP LOCATE A MISPLACED PARKED VEHICLE OR REMOTELY UNLOCK DOORS IF KEYS ARE LOCKED IN THE CAR With SekurTrack®, you can locate your parked vehicle via the internet and guide the driver back to the vehicle by phone. If the keys are locked inside the vehicle, SekurTrack® will allow you to remotely unlock the door


  • SekurRide® provides accurate mapping that is easy to read Maps are available in 5 different formats that provide a comprehensive view of your asset.
  • SekurRide® GPS Tracking Solutions uses state-of-the-art mapping technology that allows you to
  • View your asset’s location in a user-friendly interface
  • Zoom into any asset location or geofence


  • SekurTrack® GeoFences Define Operational Boundaries
  • SekurTrack® GPS Tracking Solutions GeoFences establish boundaries, generating a report and alert whenever a vehicle enters or exits GeoFence perimeters. GeoFence names (which you assign) are displayed in alerts and reports.


Reliable Reports
The highly efficient reporting tools of SekurTrack® GPS Tracking Solutions present a detailed history of asset\’s activities. You choose the report and the reporting intervals desired to produce clear, easy-to-use information.

Report types include:

Location history
Non-reporting asset


Events, reports on the following:

  • Motion Detection
  • Geofence violation


Stay Connected to Your Loved Ones Real Time .SekurTrack® GPS Tracking Solutions\’ automatic alerts keep you informed in Real-time on your family\’s safety. Alert setup lets you easily specify parameters and choose which activities will trigger alerts.

The Alerts are user configurable, specified by you in the initial program setup, and may be changed at any time. You can select one or more recipients for alerts and delivery by email or text message.

Geofence Alert : Generated whenever a vehicle enters a restricted area or leaves the perimeter of a location or boundary you have specified.Speeding Alert : Generated if the vehicle travels at a speed higher than your specified limit.
Towing Alert : Generated whenever movement is shown for the vehicle but the ignition is off.
Ignition On Alert : An alert is generated whenever the ignition is turned on



With SekurTrack® Personal Safety Solutions, vehicle owners benefit from reduced insurance premiums.

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