Power Sports Solution


Protect your favorite toys! You can now experience the adrenaline rush of owning a valuable power sport vehicle and enjoy peace of mind that it is secure with SekurRide® GPS tracking solutions. This small, environmentally protected device, which is easily hidden, will send you motion, theft and speeding alerts via cell phone or email.

How it works?

Accurate Power Sports Vehicle Information

SekurRide® GPS Tracking Solutions use the latest GPS and software technology to provide useful real-time power sports vehicle data on the internet.

  • GPS satellites send location data to the power sport vehicle-based SekurRide® receiving hardware.
  • SekurRide® hardware combines location information with power sports vehicle data such as motion status, speed, and theft alerts.
  • The data is then sent over a national wireless network to the SekurRide® operations center.
  • The data is always available for you to view on your SekurRide® account through the Internet.

Authorized users on your account have 24/7 access to all of your power sports vehicles’ current and historic activities.


  • Power Sports Solutions Features
  • Real Time Tracking and Monitoring
  • Cellular & Internet GPS Alerts
  • SMS & E-mail Notifications
  • 5 min. Reporting
  • On Demand Tracking
  • Small, easily hidden
  • Internal Antennas
  • Simple 2 or 3 Wire Installation
  • Water & Weather Resistant
  • Theft Alerts
  • Speeding Alerts
  • Low Battery Draw
  • Motion Alerts & Messages
  • Historical Reporting & Locations
  • Geographic Boundary Violations
  • Optional Low Cost Roadside Assistance Plans


  • SekurRide® provides accurate mapping that is easy to read Maps are available in 5 different formats that provide a comprehensive view of your asset.
  • SekurRide® GPS Tracking Solutions uses state-of-the-art mapping technology that allows you to
  • View your asset’s location in a user-friendly interface
  • Zoom into any asset location or geofence
  • Events
  • Events, reports on the following:
  • Motion Detection
  • Geofence violation


The highly efficient reporting tools of SekurRide® GPS Tracking Solutions present a detailed history of asset\’s activities. You choose the report and the reporting intervals desired to produce clear, easy-to-use information.
Report types include:

  • Location history
  • Non-reporting asset


Use GeoFences and Landmarks to make all features of SekurRide® GPS Tracking Solutions more relevant to your day-to-day rental operations.

SekurRide® GeoFences Define Operational Boundaries
SekurRide®GPS Tracking Solutions GeoFences establish boundaries, generating a report and alert whenever a vehicle enters or exits GeoFence perimeters. GeoFence names (which you assign) are displayed in alerts and reports.
SekurRide®Landmarks Reference Your Key Locations

SekurRide®GPS Tracking Solutions Landmarks let you see where a vehicle is in relation to key locations: your customers and other significant places. You enter the names and locations, and then each landmark will be displayed on maps, alerts, and reports.

GeoFences and Landmarks are displayed on a map overlay.
Routing is easy because you can choose from your Landmark list.
Landmark names (which you assign) are displayed in alerts and reports.


Stay Connected to Your Power Sports Vehicle in Real Time. SekurRide® Tracking Solutions\’ automatic alerts keep you informed in Real-time on any motion, speeding or theft of your power sport vehicles. Alert setup lets you easily specify parameters and choose which activities will trigger alerts. The Alerts are user configurable, specified by you in the initial program setup, and may be changed at any time.

You can select one or more recipients for alerts and delivery by email or text message.

Motion Detection Alert: Generated whenever movement is shown for the vehicle.
Vehicle Maintenance Alert: Select any vehicle to schedule service and keep track of maintenance requirements.
Geofence Alert: Generated whenever a vehicle enters a restricted area or leaves the perimeter of a location or boundary you have specified.
Speeding Alert: Generated if the vehicle travels at a speed higher than your specified limit.
Landmark Alert: Generated whenever a vehicle enter or leaves a designated landmark location.

General Specifications

SekurRide LiteX (SU1559L)

GSM/GPRS/EDGE, WCDMA(UMTS/HSDPA) WCDMA850/900/1900/2100MHz, GSM 850/900/1800/1900MHz universal in the world, Voltage Range: 6-36 V DC, Dual model, GPS & LBS positioning, GPS precise positioning with A-GPS and uploaded by GPRS regularly, Supports real-time tracking and history track playback, ACC status ON/OFF vehicle status notification, Built-in battery, Main Power disconnect (Tamper Alert) alert & Low battery alert, Built-in G-sensor, Vibration, collision and fall/Drop alert. Eight Device Level GEO-fence alert, speed & shift alert. Use relay to remotely Enable/ Disable Fuel or starter interrupt, Extend I/O port to add extension function, Multiple protocol support, Integration Act protocol, Over The Air (OTA) Firmware upgradeable /configurable, IP67 Water proof level.

SekurRide GPS (SU505L)

Track on demand or by time interval, Arm/disarm by GPRS, Track the latitude, longitude, speed, direction & Speed etc, Data logger to store 5500 waypoints, Set Speed Alerts, Over-speed Alerts, Tow Alert, G-sensor, Vibration, Engine ON/OFF Alert, Vibration Alert, Built-in Backup Battery, when the motorcycle's battery is cut off or low, Tamper Alert, Enable/ Disable cut off engine to stop the car safely via SMS/GPRS, Monitor the voice(optional), Wide working voltage range, from 6V-45VDC, suitable for motorcycle, Reliable design of framework with hardware watchdog, collision and fall/Drop alert.

  • SekurRide® customers are reducing robbery of their power sports vehicles and saving money every month on their insurance premiums, because SekurRide helps them protect their investments intelligently.
  • Easily Hidden
  • On Demand Real-Time Tracking
  • Instant Alerts Sent to your Cellphone/Email
  • Low Battery Draw
  • Water & Weather Resistant
  • Low Cost Renewals
  • Notifications when maintenance is due
  • Reports Every 5 minutes
  • Speeding and Geographic Boundary Violations Notifications
  • Control of Speeding of your Young Drivers
  • They have justified the investment in power sports solutions as a result
  • Up 30% Insurance Savings and high recovery rates

Build Your Back-End Profitability, Product is Exclusive to Dealers, Improve Customer

Sekurride Platform Doing the right thing for customers is also the right opportunity for dealerships — where back-end gross profits through the F&I office are $500 on up. Product pricing is determined solely by the dealer. How else do SekurRide devices benefit Power-sports dealerships?

Remotely monitor the battery condition of every SekurRide equipped product on the lot. Receive alerts before it is time for a charge.

SekurRide features advanced power management and a built-in back-up battery that prolongs and protects the life of the main battery.

Simple installation and a durable water resistant all-weather case. Compact size makes secure placements easy.

Global Coverage

Add significant profit to your department’s profit. Most people are aware that theft is a big concern and are quick to add a product that can provide peace of mind. The installation is simple and the profit is amazing. In a nutshell, you are missing a large profit center if you are not carrying the profit.

“I owned that bike only 32 days before it was stolen! The sad part that it was stolen on the same day that I have finished customizing it to the way I wanted…. And it was never recovered. Within an hour of getting my new bike I have installed SekurRide

It’s definitely well worth the money and something I would suggest to anybody buying a bike.”
Dubai, UAE

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