Connected Security :

From security panels to secure assets, digital surveillance, and high speed full motion video, Sekurus delivers exceptional connectivity with the industry’s leading high performance communications platforms. Enabling real time data for security applications including alarm panels, intelligent locks, asset monitoring devices and the latest in high speed video capture and transmission,

Sekurus delivers:

With simple integrated devices and a host of embedded platforms, Sekurus is empowering companies of all sizes with resilient, high speed, scalable, and reliable end point security and asset monitoring connectivity solutions. Driven by the Sekurus Services Architecture, Sekurus delivers a flexible, modular architecture for fast wireless connectivity and solutions deployment.

Security Monitoring and Surveillance:

Security Monitoring and Surveillance systems have been transformed with the Sekurus family of intelligent devices; Sekurus embedded platforms and asset tag family, and the Sekurus Telemetry devices purpose built for the time sensitive data needed in the security and asset monitoring markets.

Mission critical infrastructures:

Mission critical infrastructures can be efficiently managed and high value assets can be located and leveraged using real time location services. Sekurus and its strategic partners deliver the data for better decision making, improving performance safety and security for your treasured assets.

Coupled with the robust Sekurus’s:

Coupled with the robust Sekurus’s Communications and Management platform, devices can be provisioned, monitored and reconfigured remotely, most anywhere in the world.

Connected Security: providing you vision Anywhere, Anytime.

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